Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Network Setup

I have had a few problems with my Network since This Post .

I have been on the phone for quite a while, the network kept dropping, but it seems sorted now. They claim (Netgear) that my cordless phone was causing the trouble and it could even be the Mircowave.

I have to say that they were always helpful, but my only concern was that they were hard to understand, which makes me believe that it is a call centre in a different country (india, at a guess !), but it was a free phone line.

Which brings me to another subject. On sunday when I went to France for the day to collect my xmas goodies, the speaker on the boat was giving details of the law while driving in France. One of the things was that you had to have a GB sticker on the rear of your car, the guy standing next to said " GB - it should be a EU sticker cos we are in euorpe ......... Well I am British and proud of it , I dont want the Euro's, just the good old £sd (pounds shillings and pence).

Thats all for now, see you all soon.....

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