Saturday, December 31, 2005

What Happened on New Year's Day ?

Here is just a few things I found that happened on New Years Day ...

1934: Prohibition (of alcohol) ends in US.

1941: In a speech decrying the war in Europe, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt announces America's principles of "Four Freedoms" (freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and freedom from want and fear) desired for the world--freedoms which pointedly were not encouraged, then or later, for countries whose dictators were installed and/or supported by the US for Cold War purposes.

1942: Rose Bowl played in North Carolina due to the Japanese threat to Pasadena.

1960: The Man in Black--singer/ex-convict Johnny Cash--plays San Quentin, the first of many concerts he will perform for to prison inmates.

1983: Women break into cruise missile base and dance on silos. Greenham Common, Britain.

1986: USSR leader Mikhael Gorbachev asks for world ban on atomic weapons.

And then there is the Chinese Calendar , Which makes interesting reading.

And finally, Harrods Christmas Lights, and me Wishing You All a Happy New Year ..

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