Saturday, January 01, 2011

We said a little prayer today.

We said a little prayer today
A prayer for mates who died
And no one here’s ashamed to say
There’s been some tears we’ve cried
For good mates full of zest for life
Cut down while in their prime
Amid the war’s furore and strife
Now gone before their time
We said a little prayer today
For all their families
And asking Lord for strength that they
Can bear their sadness, please!
For Parents who have lost a son
And Kids who lost their dad
And wives who’ve lost beloved ones
So tragic Lord, so sad.
We said a little prayer today
For strength and courage for
The mates and colleagues who must stay
Away to fight this war
We’re sure they’re sad to lose their friends
So help them bear the strain
That when one day this fighting ends
This cost won’t be in vain
We said a little prayer today
For those who sacrifice
Their lives in service in the fray
To pay our freedom’s price
O help us God to realise
As tears flow for the lost
Our Peace and freedom is the prize
That’s won at such a cost

Jim Cosgrove 2010