Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cat ....

Video sent by lolastheme
Quand un chat se prend pour un chien, ça se voit tout de suite dans sa voix !

Translation : When a cat is taken for a dog, it shows right away in his voice!

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AnnieAngel said...

My cat does something similar but not as loud. She sits in the window and looks for birds and when she sees one she wants to eat, she does that.

If you go over and stand near her, she looks at you, gives a look to the bird and then back at you to make sure you understand, and then continues the strangeness.

She also does this thing like the Silence of the Lambs guy, where she is like sucking in all the anticipation saliva in little smack sounds.

She threw up a whole frog once, minus one leg.