Monday, January 02, 2006

My Recipe for a Great Cake.

Happiness Cake.

Take one heaped cup of patience and a heartful of love, add two handfuls of generosity to the above.

Blen in a dash of laughter and understanding, sprinkle lavishly with kindness and memories old and new. Add a lot of faith, mix well to make it rich and sweet.

Enjoy a giant slice with everyone you meet.

There is an extra bonus in this cake - No Calories. You can have all you want and not gain an ounce.


AnnieAngel said...

That's beautiful. :)

Mike Smith said...

I wish a few more people in the world would try to make one. We may have more peace in the world.

Happy New year....

AnnieAngel said...

Amen. :)

Happy New Year to you too! I hope your 2006 includes a trip to your Spanish paradise. :)

Mike Smith said...

Thank You ... I am hoping for a trip to New Zealand either this year or 2007, all I need is a cheap flight and then stay with my sister.

But if we went back to Menorca that would not be a problem , I just love it there..