Friday, May 26, 2006

Museum of the Year.

The 19th century iron steamship, The SS Great Britain was named museum of the year. The prize of £100,000 is this countries richest arts award.

This former transatlantic steamship was built in 1843 by Isambard kingdom Brunel and was first launched from Bristol in the UK.

This great ship spent years rotting in the Falkland Islands,while being used as a storage hulk.

200,000 people turned out to celebrate her return in 1970, after being towed bac and placed in a dry doc in Bristol.

It took over 11 million pounds to stabilise and restroe this ever lasting reminder of this Victorian Wonder.

Isambard kingdom brunel built 3 iron ships in Bristol,The Clifton Suspension Bridge and The Great Western railway. He came second (to Sir Winston Churchill) in a BBC poll in 2002 to find the Greatest Briton.

Here is a update to my Eurovision Song Contest Blog.

This blog shows a picture of Lordi without thier masks !


David and Pat Ross said...

Your post on SS Great Britain and Isambard kingdom Brunel were inspiring, well researched and informative. Well done - aah, memories of England,the Clifton Bridge, Bristol,England.What memories, and you have ensured they continue. Thanks.

Mike Smith said...

Thanks for that, I think the picture of Clifton Bridge is brill, I cannot remember where I got it from, just found it on my hard drive.