Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Soap Box .........

When I started this Blog, I planned to make it interesting with fun and useful bits of information.

Today I am going to break this rule .......

The BBC felt it necessary to show an interview with Gary Glitter from a Vietnamese prison as a major news item. Glitter, whose real name Is Paul Gadd ( A 1970's pop singer), is serving a 3 year sentence for sexually molesting two young girls in Vietnam.

Glitter left Britain after being given a four month jail sentence in Nov 1999, after admitting possession of 4,000 hardcore photographs of children being abused.

In 2002, he was deported from Cambodia. The Deputy Prime Minister, asked him to leave as a " Preventative Measure for Protecting the Well Being of Our Children ".

Why shoud this person be allowed prime time TV news to air his views and plead his innocence.

In my opinion the BBC has committed an Injustice to us , The Public !

Read the full story from the Daily Telegraph here.

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David and Pat Ross said...

Totally agree with you about Gary Glitter - he should be castrated and then exported to some distant place - preferably in another galaxy